Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Week

I'm finding it hard to meditate on the crucifix when there is a pinata to finish, eggs to fill, candy to eat everywhere, birthday cake to make, and Easter weekend plans to finalize. Why does it all have to come at one time. I should feel solemn and be meditating, but I'm frazzled and scurrying about. I don't like it. I have been reading in my bible more this week. That's given me a little time to contemplate the vastness of Jesus' love for us, but I still need more time.

As far as homeschooling, we've been doing all the regular seat work. In addition, we are making a pinata for Easter which is coming along nicely. A couple more layers of newspapers and I think we'll be ready to paint it. Yesterday we went to a Kennel Club presentation that was set up for our homeschool group. Wow, those dogs definitely outsmart our lab. The kids loved watching the agility course and their favorite by far was the snack at the end.....candy filled eggs, grab bag sized chips, frosted cut-out bunnies and cherry pop. When we got home I put out a bag of carrots and called it good for lunch. We've been practicing songs for a program we're doing at two local nursing homes. Amazing God, Amazing Grace, Lord, I Lift You Up On High and Jesus Loves the Little Children are the songs we're singing. Lee will be playing his guitar and Grace and I are playing our violins. Grace has been working hard at telling time so she can have more freedom around the property. We love the warmer weather, although today it is rainy and looks to be rainy for most of the week.