Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving - 1 Year Later

I'm so glad to be back in the blogging world.  I've been wanting to get back at it for some time now, but thought it would be fun to start back exactly one year since my last post.  So I had to wait for Thanksgiving to make that happen.  I'll be blogging about all the same things as in the past:  family, homeschooling, celebrating the liturgical year, food with a few new twists thrown in. 

Pinterest....I resisted it, knowing I'd be hooked, until one day about a month ago.  I wanted to look up the recipe for a powdered laundry detergent which I received a sample of from a friend.  She had commented in passing that she found it on Pinterest.  I reluctantly typed pinterest.com into my address bar and the rest is history.  I've been pinning like crazy.  In my defense, I've also been doing like crazy.  What I love about Pinterest is that a picture is tagged to all the links making it so easy to find the craft I pinned last week that I'm ready to make now.  In the past I would add links to my favorites bar and they would get lost in a sea of words.  I'd click on every link that had the word turkey in it before I'd find the right craft.  By the time I located the directions my crafter would be on to other things and we'd end up forgetting about it.  Not with Pinterest.  I just pop onto my boards and scroll through until I find the pic and then click over to the original post and voila!  we are ready to get busy.  That was a long way of saying that each week I'll be doing a post called "How Pinterest Got Me Through The Week".  I'll highlight the crafts, recipes and home decor ideas I try with a quick review.  I wish I had been taking pics of all the things we've done already.  Some hot and some NOT. 

And lastly Happy Thanksgiving!  I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Of course there's the new little guy who's not so new anymore.  He'll be 1 in just a few weeks.  I'll introduce him in his own post.  But so many other things as well:  family, health, home addition.  I'm leaving you with a lovely prayer from the Magnificat magazine.
Happy Thanksgiving from MAGNIFICAT

Dear Friends,

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

In celebration of this beautiful holiday, we would like to share with you the following Thanksgiving Day blessing and litany that you might like to pray with your family and loved ones.
Most merciful Father,
your gifts of love are countless
and your goodness infinite.
On this Thanksgiving Day we come before you
with gratitude for your kindness:
open our hearts to concern for others
so that we may share your gifts
of loving service with all your people.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.
Litany of Thanksgiving
Response: We thank you, O Lord.
This is a day to thank God for all his many blessings in our lives. With gratitude we now say:
For the love of God, for faith, family, and friends: R/
For joys, successes, achievements, and accomplishments: R/
For health, safety, work, and rest: R/
For struggles, sorrows, trials, and sufferings: R/
For our jobs, for those who support us, for our education, and for the chance to serve: R/
For our gifts, talents, and abilities, for honors, for strength and energy: R/
For our homes, for food, warmth, and shelter, for all the things that have made us happy: R/
For our hobbies and pets, for happy memories, for our favorite things, for leisure and relaxation: R/
For our nation, for freedom and peace, for teachers, leaders, and those who give us good example: R/
For the ability to say "I'm sorry," for the grace of repentance, for the forgiveness of others, for the generosity of others: R/
For good advice, for financial security, for the trust others put in us, for tenderness, understanding, and compassion: R/
For kindness, goodness, joy, and laughter, for the times we have helped others or made them happy: R/
For all the wonders of creation, for beauty, music, sports, and art, for new opportunities and second chances: R/
For failures and rejection, for all the ways we have grown up and become better people: R/
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning,
is now, and will be for ever.
Thank you for being a faithful member of the MAGNIFICAT family.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
*Adapted from "A Thanksgiving Day Grace"
in Blessing Prayers: Devotions for Growing in Faith
by Fr. Peter John Cameron, o.p.
Blessing Prayers

As always don't forget the cranberries.