Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Books

Christmas is everywhere!  But let's not forget about Thanksgiving before diving head first into Advent and Christmas planning.

One of my favorite homeschool-ish things to do is choose books according to a particular theme.  This week (and last week) we've been reading lots of Thanksgiving themed books.  I know it's almost too late to get your hands on these books for this year, but it doesn't hurt to check at the library.   If you're looking to calm the cousins on Turkey Day maybe an engaging book will do the trick.

Need to know a little more about cranberries

Cranberry Thanksgiving - A classic tale I pull out every Thanksgiving.  Not much about cranberries, though.

Time For Cranberries - A very new favorite around here.  Just published this fall, written by my neighbor.  Tells the story of Sam and how his family harvests cranberries every fall.  Recipes in the back.

Cranberries From A to Z - Again written by a once local author, who has since moved from the area.  This has a rhyming text and lots of information about cranberries, wildlife, and harvesting.

Our favorites from the library.  These are definitely on my wish list to own.

Sharing the Bread - Hands down, this is the favorite of all the books in this post.  Rhyming text, very engaging.  Tells the story of a family ALL working together to get ready for the Thanksgiving Meal.  Everyone has a job:  Father stokes the cookstove, Grandfather cooks the berries, Grandmother bakes the pie.  Sister kneads the bread.  Everyone WORKS together.  And they all sit down at the end of the day to a delicious dinner.  I've read this book at least 50 times in the past week.

 Sophie's Squash - Story about a little girl, Sophie, who befriends a squash and names it Bernice.  Things get difficult when Bernice starts to get splotchy and the kids at the library harass her about her friend.  Everything works out in the end when Sophie finds two more friends to love.  Quirky, but sweet.  I've probably read this about 30 times.  Maria carries this book under her arm begging anyone to read "Ophie's Kwash".

In November - Nice book about November's nature and the warmth of Thanksgiving.

All About Turkeys - Why not learn a little about turkeys before eating turkey?  If you have an animal lover, any of the Jim Arnosky All About...... books will be sure to please.  We own many of these books and they are simply excellent educational books with beautiful illustrations. *I see this book is out of print and therefore used copies are very expensive.

Autumnblings - A book of poetry about autumn.  Fall leaves, Indian summer, pumpkins, owls, first frost, and of course, Thanksgiving.

Those Darn Squirrels - Fun book about Old Man Fookwire, his love of birds, his despise of squirrels, and how those darn squirrels won over his heart.

Oh, What a Thanksgiving - Very traditional book about pilgrims and indians.  Quite a bit of text for the youngest crowd.

A Child's Calendar - Another book I pull out to read the poem of the month.  Each month is condensed to a one page poem.


I hadn't planned on being gone from the blog for an entire month, but life happens.  I'm glad to be back.

*All Amazon links are affiliate links.  If you click through and purchase any item (not just these books) I receive a small commission.  Thank you.