Monday, March 31, 2008


Lee had a friend over last Saturday and a couple of conversations caught my attention and screamed, "boys present". First, as they were getting ready to play outside.

Boy: Do you want the machine gun, pistol or sword?

Later they discussed haircuts, soccer and showering.

Boy 1: My mom said I need a haircut.

Boy 2: I only get a haircut before soccer starts.

Boy 1: Why before soccer?

Boy 2: Long hair gets really sweaty playing soccer and then my mom makes me take a shower EVERY Saturday. I don't like showering so much.

March...Out Like a (tame) Lion

They say trained or tame lions are still lions and will eventually attack. March is like that right now. The weather forecasters say it will rain today with occasional local downpours. North of here are Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories. So, although, the temps will reach 41 F today and the air will have that lovely smell of spring rain, winter is still not convincingly over. I'm guessing snow could still be in our future, just like a lion waiting to attack.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Hands On Kind of Day

Grace and Lee put the finishing touches on their Wisconsin History reports. The flag was colored, the handwriting perfect, topography map legend completed. They kissed it and called it good. Then came the fun part; make a cake the shape of Wisconsin, frost and sprinkle it with rivers, trees, high points, etc.

They were a little disappointed in their placement of the Wisconsin River, but in the end they were pleased and had total fun working on the project. We ate "Wisconsin" for lunch.

Later in the day Grace and Lou made 60 Minute Mini White Bread to go along with my Easter week favorite, Split Pea and Ham Soup.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Few Easter Pictures

The Easter morning gang.

Emily singing "This is the Day" at Easter Mass.

Amber and Sam carrying the Alleluia box at Easter Mass
(only a second later it toppled onto a sweet little girl)

Drum roll please......introducing for the first time on this blog, Warren and me.
(photo credit: Emily)