Friday, March 28, 2008

A Hands On Kind of Day

Grace and Lee put the finishing touches on their Wisconsin History reports. The flag was colored, the handwriting perfect, topography map legend completed. They kissed it and called it good. Then came the fun part; make a cake the shape of Wisconsin, frost and sprinkle it with rivers, trees, high points, etc.

They were a little disappointed in their placement of the Wisconsin River, but in the end they were pleased and had total fun working on the project. We ate "Wisconsin" for lunch.

Later in the day Grace and Lou made 60 Minute Mini White Bread to go along with my Easter week favorite, Split Pea and Ham Soup.


  1. Cute project, did you come up with that? The river looks good. Hope it tasted good!

  2. Rachel, the cake project came from Catholic Heritage Curriculum's 4th grade lesson plans. Included is a 9 week state (your own) history project. It proved to be worth it. They definitely know more about Wisconsin and maps in general than they did in January.


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