Monday, September 11, 2006

My New Daily Prayer

Lord, elevate me to an awareness of your grace. Amen.

Don't Worry....Get the Dictionary

The phrase used as the title needs to be said with a slightly sing songy voice. We've used this phrase for about a year now. Grace came up with the phrase one night at supper when I got the dictionary. I tend to get the dictionary quite often and the kids sort of make fun of me. This phrase has stuck and Lee said it just the other morning after asking me the difference between a mountain and butte. Well, I had a vague idea, but needed to confirm it. I grabbed the red book from the shelf and we started on a quest that took quite some time. First, mountain. Then, summit and butte and plateau. This led into Power's Bluff and the Rocky Mountains. All this and we hadn't even finished breakfast yet. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity and flexibility to do this. We don't have to worry about being late for the bus.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Billy and Blaze

Billy and Blaze books by C.W. Anderson are some of my favorite books. I've found that they appeal to boys because the stories are very adventurous and to girls because of the horse factor. Today Lee checked out a couple to read to me this week. For early readers they are a little long, but the text is fairly simple. Sometimes we take turns reading pages and that seems to keep him very interested in the story.

RV the movie

Over Labor Day weekend we had lots of birthday plans for Lou who turned 5 on Monday. We went mini-golfing and to McDonald's and rented RV. What a fun movie. Turned out it's rated PG and has a few swear words and the homeschool mom wears very showy clothing, but when it was over my kids asked, "were there any bad words?" I guess most of it just goes over their heads. Yes, this movie has a homeschooling family as one of the main characters. Robin Williams tricks his high tech, disconnected family to take an RV to Colorado (for a business meeting which the family doesn't know about) for a vacation instead of going to Hawaii. After many hilarious mishaps (especially if you've ever taken a camper or RV anywhere) they meet up with a family; turns out, they homeschool on the road. Although they have their quirks, they are happy with one another and well grounded people. Robin William's family learns a lot from them and in the end his family realizes that together is where they want to be. I can't wait to see it again.

As for Lou's 5th birthday it turned out great except for the part where we had to cancel the party because of grandma needing emergency care. Everything is better now and turns out she has a bad case of arthritis in her knee.