Monday, July 20, 2015

Pioneer Life

Packing for camp, driving to camp, driving home, wondering how much fun child is having at camp, driving to camp, picking up child from camp and then returning home.  We do this numerous times each summer as each child heads to one camp or another.  In all the years we've never ventured from this routine until this year.

After picking up Sam from camp we headed to Pepin for an afternoon of exploring the pioneer life.  We had planned on having a picnic lunch along the way and happened upon the perfect place - Caddie Woodlawn's homestead and wayside.  Have you read about Caddie?  She's a real pioneer girl who lived in Wisconsin during the late 1800's.  Such a great story.  Anyway, we stopped at her homestead and had our picnic lunch.  I only took a couple pictures before my camera broke.  It just stopped focusing - still working on finding a repair shop.  Do those even exist anymore?  Or are electronics just use up and throw away?

There's something about a lichen and fungus covered, ant infested tree stump.  It attracts the kids every time.

Little girls in dresses running across large grassy lawns......so cute.

This is the original homestead.

And then the camera broke.  The end.

Not really.  Then we headed to Pepin to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, stopped by Villa Bellezza for a glass of wine.  Then off to the Mississippi River/Lake Pepin for a little fishing and to watch the sailboats.  Once everyone was hydrated and changed into clean clothes we headed home.

It's summertime in Wisconsin and we're enjoying every minute.

Do you have any Wisconsin hotspots?  Please share.