Thursday, July 23, 2015

Zucchini Season Has Arrived

See the bumblebee pollinating?
I've been getting zucchini for two weeks now.  I never tire of entering the garden and finding zucchini of all sizes hiding under those giant leaves.  Peter goes with me most days and counts the "bigenough?" ones before giving them a twist freeing them from the stem.  Then he counts the "not yet, mom?" zucchinis before traipsing back to the house with his shirt full of dark green bounty that he has NO intention of eating.  My mind starts running through the list of recipes I could make.  But, I save out a few of the smallest ones for sauteing in olive oil.  A fried egg with sauteed zucchini makes for the best breakfast and really sticks with me; keeps the snacking to a minimum.

So, if you have a basket full of zucchini waiting to become a delicious treat, start shredding and try one of these yummy recipes.

This first one is from the blog Pattitudes.  Cranberry Zucchini Bread - this is so yummy and very moist.  We like the tartness of cranberries so I leave them whole and use 2 level cups.  A single recipe makes either two large loaf pans or 4 smaller loaf pans.

Zucchini-Chocolate Chip Muffins - I've been making these for 5 years (my recipe was printed in 2010).  They are so tasty, but what isn't when it's chock full of mini chocolate chips.

See those "bigenough" zucchini, shred those; save the little ones for sauteeing

What do you do with all your garden zucchini?  Please share.