Monday, July 21, 2008

This Week

It's been a while since I've posted. We've been busy gardening, butchering chickens, raising and playing with kittens, preparing for the upcoming baby and so much more. Oh, we took a very quick trip to Ashland to experience the cold, cold waters of Lake Superior.

Anyway, this week is chock full of activity. The kids started attending the 5 night Vacation Bible School at Pittsville Evangelical Free Church and today will start attending Totus Tuus at St. Joachim's Catholic Church. Totus Tuus is new to us this summer so we don't know what to expect. The kids have friends attending both events and just couldn't bear missing one or the other. The week will be full of dropping off and picking up, but it will allow me to get a few things done around home in peace. I'll only have Ray home during the day; he's not old enough for Totus Tuus yet.

Today's list of what to do (besides the normal of laundry, general pick-up and meal prep) includes:

  • make cookies or bars to donate to Totus Tuus
  • make real iced tea (I've never done this before)
  • remove changing table from girls' room and put into baby's room, this will mean some serious cleaning and purging in the girls' room because they've used the changing table as a storage unit for the last couple of years
  • call about the cost of installing a tile floor


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