Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diagnosis - STRESS

Labor pains are excruciating, but I've now experienced something worse....neck pain. The achy neck started on Wednesday, the third day of my head cold. I blew it off thinking it was just another ache due to the cold I was experiencing. By Friday night the pain was so intense turning my head was nearly impossible. Fearing the worst, meningitis, I went to urgent care. The physician assistant, after reviewing the nurse's notes, walked in and said, "Are you a type A person, always wanting everything just so?" I shook my head no, but DH shook his head in exactly the opposite way. The PA laughed, checked me over and then started palpating around my occipital ridge, down my neck and across my shoulder. I winced in pain and then came the diagnosis...STRESS. I wanted to argue with him, it must be something more than stress. But I figured if I tried to convince him of that it would just confirm the fact that I want things "just so". I bit my tongue, went off to Walgreens and bought Aspercreme and Menthol Gel, per his suggestion.

It's Sunday now and I'm still not any better. The cremes give a little relief for a while so I can actually stand up and move, but have to be showered away before nursing. The odor is quite strong and burns my eyes, I can't imagine Little J liking it too well.