Friday, May 1, 2009

Rummaging for Deals

I love rummage sales and so do my kids. We love to get up early and head to the sales, never knowing what we might find. Today was the season opener for us. We hit a 5 home neighborhood sale and then a loner. I think we bought something at every one. For under $28 (including what the kids spent out of their own pockets), here's what we got:

1 purse
2 pair jeans
1 infant sun hat
4 shirts
5 pair socks
8 kitchen utensils
4 tiki torches
1 filet board
1 wooden youth chair
1 set of play golf clubs
1 mini tractor
1 belt
2 necklaces
2 rings
2 pair clipon earrings
5 3-ring binders
1 travel case filled with brand new crayons
2 pair shorts
1 piano book
1 antique glass jar
1 farm game
4 chocolate chip cookies
4 rice krispie treats
4 cups Kool-aid
1 teacher book filled with math games for little ones

Looking back at that list I think we did pretty well. I've read at so many blogs about job losses and financial stress. Rummaging for deals is one way to really make the dollar stretch. It can be tempting to buy unneeded items just because they are so cheap. My best advice is to have a mental list of what you are looking for and let the kids know; they are experts at pointing out things on my list they find while browsing the sales. Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I too love to go to thrift sales! So much fun!


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