Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Cakes

Talking about birthdays reminded me I had wanted to post some simple instructions on making kids' birthday cakes. My kids are always walking by the decorated cakes at Walmart and pointing out all the styles they want for their birthday. But I learned long ago how to bake and decorate cakes using Wilton cake pans. I borrowed many cake pans from a friend and just followed the contour lines on the cake for the frosting placement. But even those cake pans get expensive. I was happy to get an idea from Danielle Bean. She searched the internet for simple images appropriate for her children's birthday depending on their interests. Then she used that picture as a model for decorating her cakes. Here is how I have modified her directions. I'm not so artistic and have no perspective when it comes to drawing so this is how I make it work.

Finished product

Ray - 5th birthday July 10First of all I let Ray choose a topic. He chose tractors this year and wanted a very elaborate Kubota just like his daddy has. But we settled on a simpler version. I don't remember where I found this image. Most likely it was a coloring page. I saved the image and then used my print wizard to print it as large as I needed (8x10). Then I cut it apart in sections so I could pipe in the stars in sections. I use Wilton disposable bags with a small star tip. I only do stars and lines. Always trying to keep it simple.

I laid the pieces on the cake and used a black decorator gel to trace the pieces.

I make up and color all my frosting at once and then place in the refrigerator to keep it firm. It's much easier to work with firm frosting then soupy frosting. I pipe in the stars and then fill in the rest of the cake with another complimentary color. All done except for the candles and ice cream.

***I don't know why Blogger won't place my photos the right way, but they keep turning them vertical for some reason.


  1. A very beauiful cake and a very nice picture of Ray. Love: Me

  2. Awesome cake! And a very happy birthday boy!

  3. Thanks for that suggestion! And a great cake.

    It's amazing how the internet has crept into so many aspects of our lives. I have been using Google images to find decorating ideas based on other people's cake photos (like yours!)

    Another method for tracing a design onto a cake is to place clear plastic film over the picture and trace the design outline in frosting or melted chocolate. You can also colour in between the lines with frosting if you want (rememebering you are working from behind). Then pop the film into the freezer to harden the frosting, and when solid, very carefully transfer onto the cake (or invert the cake onto the frosting), remove the plastic film and voila....

    I think home made birthday cakes are a great expression of creativity and love for the birthday child- and something they will remember for years!


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