Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Game Day

At the beginning of this school year we added to our schedule Game Day. Every Thursday we set aside as the day to play games in the morning before seat work. I had envisioned games like Scrabble, Yahtze, Chutes 'n Ladders, card games of all sort, multiplication BINGO, Guess Who...games that had the potential to practice skills learned during regular seat work. I envisioned wrong. Most Thursdays when it was warm we played Inny-I-Over and now that it's been cold they want to play Hide-n-Seek in the house. Today I heard the cutest thing as I was hiding behind a bunch of coats and snowpants hanging on a hook.

Nicholas - This game would be a lot more fun if all the good hiding places didn't cause suffocation.

Science? Health? Vocabulary? What subject would this fit into?


  1. That's a good line. File it under Health Class.

  2. Subject: Fun!!

    Also, critical thinking skills.


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