Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Warren!

So today is Warren's birthday and we celebrated for two reasons.  First it's his birthday of course.  And second, it's not Lent yet.  So often his birthday falls during Lent or, even worse, on Ash Wednesday.  Not that those times are terrible, but once those ashes are thumbed on our foreheads it seems all celebrating comes to a screeching halt.  Today we took full advantage of this pre-Lent birthday.  It started with breakfast at a local cafe with lots of locals wondering why all these kids invaded their normally peaceful breakfast.  Then a few small presents.  Then the mail and boy did it deliver today.  Cards and packages, even the items I'd ordered came today.  What luck!  What to get for this business owning, gun toting, family loving, conservative country boy.  It was easy.  First the shirt in the photo was a winner.  It bears the logo and phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin.
For a taste of the music he loves and his favorite music video, I included the links. 
*Note the reference to weed in the song does not fit him, but he still loves this song.

I love this photo.  We've never put the exact number of candles on Warren's cake.  Emily had fun fitting all 38 candles on his cake and commented that next year he either needs two cakes or just a bigger one.  I laughed, but I shouldn't because my birthday's next and I'm a bit older than him.  I also love the beer in the photo because that's my husband:  angel food cake and beer
That's a whole lotta fire.  After he blew out the candles it was actually a little smoky in here.
I love you!  We love you!
Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Warren from our whole family!

    The Rayburns


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