Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Weekend With Only Half.....(the family home)

What in the world does one mom, two teenage daughters, and one toddler daughter do for lunch?  Mind you, there are NO boys at home waiting on meat and potatoes or pizza.  We make Chinese food of course!  We made Orange Chicken from The Pioneer Woman Cooks:  Dinnertime and Easy Lo Mein from Damn Delicious, brown rice, and frozen egg rolls.  With all of us working together we managed to get it all made in about an hour.
Emily fries chicken for Orange Chicken.

Amber prepares veggies for Lo Mein.

The finished product.  Delish.

Maybe you're wondering where all the men and boys were?  They were ice fishing and eating pizza for lunch.  And since they're gone I had a morning almost to myself. The girls and Joe were snuggled up watching Heartland episodes, while I made Chocolate Chip Muffins, substituting coconut oil for the vegetable oil.  Wow!!! is all I can say.  Definitely doing that again.  I made an egg, cheese, and spinach omelet, sneaked out to the school room, and watched the birds.  It's amazing how active the birds are in the morning.  I could hardly focus on one at a time because my eyes were flitting from one to another as they flew from the ash tree to the feeders to the spruce trees and back to the feeder again.
Blue Jay in the Ash tree.
Looking out across the cranberry marsh; all tucked in for winter.

Black-capped chickadee and a couple of Goldfinches.

Enjoy the winter weather if you're able.  Time for me to head out and load the wood burner.


  1. Would love your Chinese recipes, it looks fabulous!

  2. Kristin, I've linked to the recipes in the blog post. For the Easy Low Mein, just click on the words "Easy Low Mein" and you will be directed to the recipe. We followed the recipe as written, except we doubled the sauce based on the other comments. It's a bit spicy so go easy on the sriracha sauce. Now for the Orange Chicken, just click on the words "Orange Chicken" under the picture of Emily frying and you will be directed to the recipe. We followed the recipe, except I used a 2 inch squeeze of ginger paste instead of fresh grated ginger. If you like orange chicken, this was very good. Hope this helps you locate the recipes.

    Home cooked Chinese is a little putsy and time consuming, but it is worth the work. There's no chance of mystery meat or funky flavors.


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