Friday, September 9, 2016

Wisconsin With Kids - {Merrimac Ferry}

Way back in July (time marches on at quite a clip these days) we dropped Amber off at the 4-H bus stop and she headed to Washington D.C. for a leadership experience.  The rest of us used the day (Sam's birthday) to enjoy a couple of fun Wisconsin destinations:  Parfrey's Glen and Merrimac Ferry.
Although summer break is over, there's still time to enjoy a day trip to Merrimac where you'll find the free 7 minute ferry.  Vehicles, bikes, and walk-ons are welcome.  We like to park our vehicle, grab an ice cream cone and "walk-on" the ferry.

The ride is short and as such there's not much to see.  Seagulls, boats, jet skis - that's what we saw, but it's such a fun, quick ferry ride for little kids.  

Once on the other side we found a grassy spot to relax, watch the boat traffic, and throw rocks.

After watching the ferry travel back and forth a couple of times, we were ready to board for our return trip.

When you find yourself amidst a pile of travelers you never know what you might see.  Today we saw a woman prop her stuffed lion at her vehicle window so it could "take a look around".  Crazy, but it sure got the attention of the ferry passengers, including us.

We love daytripping.  Leave your Wisconsin suggestions in the comments here or at Facebook.  Thanks.