Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up {the one with a Grove shipment and a birch log with eyelashes}

Time to edit photos and compose a coherent sentence worthy of typing has been limited lately.  I wake up and review my tidy daily plan and within minutes I find myself off course.  Something or someone (not on my list) needs my attention.  NOW!  And so begins the day.  A day of constant moving, constant doing, but never checking anything off that tidy little daily plan.  Blogging?  Making connections with readers?  It has to take a back seat to my family.

This morning, though, I woke up and knew I just had to edit and type and think and form thoughts.  It's good to look back at the week - the pictures tell a story.  A story of our family working and learning and playing together, and apparently getting things done.  Yeah for pictures.😊

Where are all the people who constantly take me off course?  Birthday parties, snowmobiling, ice fishing, listening to an audiobook - everywhere, but right here.  So I blog away happily.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Last weekend we enjoyed a few days up North ice fishing.  There was indeed ice, but there was also slush and 6 inches of water and rain.  Luckily our favorite rental cabin is just feet from the lake so we put out our tip-ups and then hang out in the cabin watching for flags.

Trying anything to keep the little one's feet dry(ish), I lined their boots with garbage bags reminiscent of the bread bag days of my youth.  There was so much water even this age old trick couldn't keep their feet dry.

We did bring home 4 northern pike, which made a great lunch last Tuesday.

Grove Collaborative is new company to me.  They specialize in delivering affordable natural cleaning and beauty supplies right to your door.  They had a Mrs. Meyer's special last week, and I do love Mrs. Meyer's products.  I picked up 2 kitchen sprays, 1 dish soap, 2 hand soaps, 1 hand lotion, 3 walnut shell kitchen scrubbies, 1 coconut bar soap, and 1 coconut lip balm for a grand total of $20.75.  Not bad and I didn't even have to leave the house.  Here's my haul.

I chose honeysuckle scented Mrs. Meyer's products, except for the 1 lemon verbena dish soap.  The honeysuckle scent reminds me of a warm spring day, something every Wisconsinite needs a reminder of in January.  Excuse me while I take a minute to moisturize.  Mmmm!

I love ALL things coconut, and this Yes to lip balm delivers in a big way.  It's creamy and smells oh so good.  Peter and Maria have been sneaking it every chance they get.

Why am I telling you about Grove Collaborative?  Because if you click over through this link you will receive $10 off your first order. (referral link)

In homeschooling news, Joseph's been making progress with his writing.  I mostly use Handwriting Without Tears, but just ran across this homemade workbook from his last year's Virtual Learning Friday teacher.  It got buried under this year's curriculum until Monday when I was doing a little organizing.  When I set it on the table, Joe said, "Ms. Teresa coming?"  I had to remind him that Ms. Teresa's in heaven, but we could still work on writing skills.  So, anyway, he was learning the letter "i".  

Last year I had to use special pencil grips, but this year his hand is bigger and stronger so he typically doesn't use them anymore.  Progress - it's a good thing!

On the top line, I hand over hand a couple of times, then guide him by saying the description:  down, dot; down, dot; down, dot.  He uses a pencil on the top line.

Poses for a quick silly picture.  Keeping this boy on task can be exhausting.  Keeping him in a shirt - impossible!

On the 2nd line of i's I let him choose a marker for writing.  Markers really glide and put down a lot of color without much pressure.  Joe doesn't like to press when he writes so as a reward for pressing with the pencil, I let him do the 2nd line of writing with a marker.  He's so much happier the second time around.


We're having some beautiful January weather including a true January thaw a couple weeks ago.  This day was so perfect we just had to get outside.  After baking cookies we bagged up a few to take out to dad, who was cutting firewood.  But first, we filled the bird feeders.

And then we decided to join in on making firewood.  It was late in the day, but we did what we could.

Joseph, of course, found a stump, sat down and shot all the deer he could.

Hide and seek is a good way to pass the time while dad dumps the load of wood.

In case you're dying to duplicate the above fashion statement, it's easy.  Pull neck gator over head and then stop long before it reaches your neck.  Sometimes we call it a chimney.  Sometimes we call it ridiculous.  But, this fashion statement has been going on since I first sewed that rectangle of fleece into a tube.  And if I'm not mistaken, a certain oldest son does the same thing.

And here you have it, the birch log with eyelashes.  Nature never disappoints.

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