Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Black Bean Quesadillas :: Frugal Friday Lunch

I think the cold, wet days of this Wisconsin spring are almost behind us.  YEAH!!!  Today is absolutely gorgeous, then it looks like one more gloomy day before the sun hits.  Here's the upcoming forecast and I couldn't be happier.  There's a pep in everyone's step, smiles on their faces, and the scene from the kitchen window is three shirtless kids jumping on the trampoline.

  • Thursday
    May 4
    PM Showers
    PM Showers
  • Friday
    May 5
  • Saturday
    May 6
  • Sunday
    May 7

When the weather finally decides to warm up we love to take full advantage of it spending as much time outside as possible.  All that outside play and sunshine makes for a bunch of hungry tummies.  Come noon, making lunch is usually the last thing on my mind, but eating lunch is the first thing on everyone else's mind.

That's when I pull out a few simple pantry staples and make Black Bean Quesadillas.  These are especially nice during Lent when we want to change it up a bit with the meatless Friday meals.

Here's what you need to make a large family portion of black bean quesadillas.

2-3 cans black beans
about 1 cup salsa + more for dipping
flour tortillas (2 per quesadilla)
shredded cheese - colby, colby jack, cheddar - or mix it up
sour cream

Basic Directions - can be adjusted to fit any family size

Drain and rinse black beans.  Dump into flat bottomed bowl/pie plate.  I use a deep dish pie plate and then use a fork to smash the black beans somewhat.  Add salsa.  Just enough to wet the beans.  You don't want it too drippy.

In the picture below you can see the process of building the quesadillas.  Lay out flour tortillas on baking sheets (Amazon tells me I purchased these in 2011 - I use them almost daily and they are still in great shape; definitely worth the price).  Top with black bean mixture, add shredded cheese.  Cover with 2nd flour tortilla.  Sometimes I add sliced black olives.  Sometimes I make a couple quesadillas with just cheese and black olives for the little kids or just cheese.  These are so versatile.

The pan on the left is my favorite Nordic Ware baking sheet.

Before going in the oven.

Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes or until the flour tortillas are as crispy as you like them and the cheese is melted.  We like the tortillas crispy around the edge, yet soft in the middle.  Let them cool a bit, if you can wait, then cut into wedges with pizza cutter.  Don't worry if some of the good stuff squeezes out, just stick it back in or grab it quick before someone else does.

Plate up with additional salsa and a great big dollop of sour cream.  Yum!!

In other recipe news:

We try new recipes quite often, usually found through Pinterest.  Some quickly become family favorites and others, not so much.  Amber made Brookies the other day.  They came together quickly and disappeared super fast.  So if you have a bake sale coming up and need a show stopper cookie, you'll definitely want to give these a try.

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