Tuesday, November 29, 2005

War of 1812

When was the War of 1812? Lee was the fastest to answer, "In 1812!" We are still studying this time period. We read Abigail's Drum, a story about two sisters who used their fife and drum playing to scare away a British ship. We read two versions of this story which is based on a true story. Today we started reading Dolly Madison, from the Discovery Biographies series. I'm planning on checking out a couple for Grace to read. They are at her reading level and are high interest. We started today and stopped after reading 3 chapters, even though they were begging for more. Better to have them looking forward to tomorrow, then tired of it today. Lee made a punched tin lantern.

Directions: Rinse out a tin can, fill with water, freeze. On a wooden cutting board, using a hammer and nail, punch (pound) a design into the can. The ice makes it easier so the can won't dent. When done place a candle in bottom of can and enjoy the flickering points of light your child created.

Grace started on a rag rug. She sewed together strips of fabric and braided them together until she had a 12 foot braid. Tomorrow I will teach her how to coil the braid and hand sew it together. I don't think it will make a rug, but maybe a trivet or plant pad. We coiled it just to see how it looked and it's amazing how a mish mosh of colors can turn out to be so beautiful. I might make one for myself. (rug size)

We had an early lunch and now everyone is back at school. Grace is reading and Lee is working on his journal. Lou is playing dress up; she's Dolly Madison curtsying all the time. Ray is playing with puzzle pieces and duplos.