Thursday, November 3, 2005

A Lesson in Compassion and Geneology

Tuesday was the Feast of All Saints. I had intended on reading Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland. However, I had forgotten during Subject of the Day time and we did a lesson, I had planned, which revolved around the book The Hundred Penny Box. The story is about a black family from Georgia who takes care of their 100 year old aunt. The boy is intrigued by her 100 pennies, each one reminding her of a year of her life. She is suffering from alzheimers or dementia (slightly) and the boy shows her much needed compassion while the mother just tries to hide her away. The story is quite deep for the length of the book. It's really just a long picture book. After reading and discussing the book we dug through our pennies searching for the pennies that tell our life story. Grace and Lee found treasure boxes in their room to store their pennies in and plan on collecting a 2006 penny just as soon as the new year rolls around. I printed off a 5 generation (great great grandparents) family tree chart. We filled in the names and Grace even made calls to great grandma and grandpa B to find out the names of their parents as I wasn't even sure. Lee's printing skills are really shaping up, as he could fit the names on the line without frustration. It turned out to be a great Subject of the Day project.

Back to the Future: Today we finally read the Saint Patrick book. Did you know he drummed all the snakes off the island of Ireland?