Monday, October 31, 2005

Once Is All It Takes

With each of my four children I have used the terms right and left since birth. Time to nurse on the left side. Let's put your left shoe on. Switch your toy to you right hand. Your fork is in your right hand. Step up with your left foot. Let's tie your right shoe. The list goes on and on. My oldest is 8 and she still mixes up her left and right. How is it though, that I can use the word crap once and the three oldest ones pick up on the word, repeat the word, use it in a sentence correctly and never get it out of their mind? The child's mind is an incredible thing.

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  1. How true...They always seem to master the words that we don't want them to say...my husband has a habit of commenting about other drivers on the road & their driving abilities, if you know what I mean...(don't worry, nothing absolutely horrible, just things like "You stupid idiot!" & other things along those lines & the kids will repeat them when we're all in the car together...Lovely, isn't it? :)


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