Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm Hearing Voices

No, it's not ghosts and goblins, but Grace's new found reading voices. Since her reading ability and enjoyment of reading have flourished, she has been adding voices to her reading. I have to admit that sometimes when she reads I find myself drifting off, either to sleep or to thoughts of my to do list. But not today; today she read to me a story about Piggy Wig. Piggy Wig was looking for the king's cook. Well he came upon three different cooks all with different voices. I found myself being pulled into the story, not because of the gripping story line, but because of the sweet, manly, and booming voices of the cooks. She found a way, using her voice, to make the characters come alive. Listening to the earliest of readers is fun because every word is new and the child is so excited to sound out yet one more 3 letter word, but then they transition into a stage of reading that is faster, but choppy and slightly (alright extremely) monotone. Today Grace transitioned into yet another phase of reading. What a complete joy to hear her read a story and not just a set of words.

Presto Change-O, a board game game in the mail today. I ordered it from ebay. The object of the game is to be the first to save $10.00. The game was fun, held their interest and reinforced the counting of money. I can tell already that it was money well spent. Don't you just love ebay?