Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pumpkin Weigh-ins and More

We are still harvesting cranberries. Looks like next Wednesday will be the last day of hauling in the fruit. The nights have been cold so DH has been getting just about 4 hours of sleep; that on top of a heavy work load during the day is taking a toll on him. Everyone around here is a little grumpy.

Even though, we have been doing some fun stuff. Grace finished Robinson Crusoe Reader. Lee worked his way through Bob Books Set B Level 2. Lou is singing the alphabet with only a couple of missing letters and Ray says "thank you" in a 15 month old way (very sing songy). Tuesday we talked about bar graphs, as a way of organizing info, and headed outside to weigh all our pumpkins. We took a clip board, pencil and kitchen scale outside. Cold wind was blowing from the North, but we made it through in about 35 minutes. The kids had fun estimating how much each pumpkin would weigh, and got very good as we progressed through all of them. We ended up weighing about 25 pumpkins from all over our yard. Then graphed them, discussed weight ranges and tallied up the most popular weight and least popular.

Tomorrow, October 28, is the anniversary of the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty in 1884. In honor of that day, today we read Lisa in New York, The Copper Lady, and This Land is Your Land. The three older kids were invited to a sleepover Halloween party, so we spent most of the morning preparing costumes and snacks. We made caramel covered cranberries, a favorite fall treat around here.


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