Monday, October 17, 2005

Lots of Reviews

For starters, we've had such a great week. Grace is progressing great through The Robinson Crusoe Reader. I just received the newest catalog from Christian Liberty Press and the reading materials look awesome. If they are anything like Robinson Crusoe they would be worth it. Grace loves the story and I love the way it adds new words and then uses them frequently. Lee is moving right along in the Bob Books. He is reading Jumper and the Clown. Good story which introduces reading the color names. We've been using the Happy Phonics program. It's laid out well and the kids love the games. Still, their favorite is the castle game. We wrapped up our study of the constitution and early presidents last week and now are moving on to studying the life of St. Francis of Assisi. I chose a read aloud, Song of St. Francis (1952), which has a boring cover. It's plain brown with the title only on the spine. They were not thrilled at this choice. Lee chose, Hour of the Olympics(magic tree house), as a read aloud. Now that we are six chapters into each book they like the story of St. Francis much better. That's definitely a pat on my back. This morning we frosted pine cones with peanut butter, rolled them in bird seed and then hung them in the trees for the birds. We also filled the bird feeder; all this was done in honor of St. Francis, patron saint of animals.

Totally Fun Science Project - Super Starch

Mix together 1 cup corn starch and about 1/3 cup water. Try to stir to make a paste. It doesn't mix easily. Play with the mixture and talk about states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and sometimes plasma. The mixture will remain a liquid when still and become a solid when kept in motion. It's hard to explain, but really works and is really fun. My very tactile daughter was kept busy playing with this for almost 2 hours. Eventually it does dry slightly and needs a little water added to continue working well.

Cranberry harvest is in full swing. It's so much work, yet so satisfying to see the crop that dh worked so hard for. The fall colors are at full peak right now and the dark red cranberries against the reds and oranges and the bright blue sky is something awesome.