Sunday, October 9, 2005

The United States Constitution

For the last two weeks we have been studying the time period around the writing of the constitution. We've read an array of books, none of which were spectacular, however they all did the job of informing us about the details. One that stands out is, ...If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution, by Elizabeth Levy. It's taking a while to read, due to the huge amount of info it contains. But, we are enjoying it anyway. Once we were introduced to some of the key members of the Constitutional Convention, we stopped to listen to an audio tape, Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame and What the Neighbors Thought. We listened to the story of George Washington. Did you know he was 6 feet, 2 inches, his teeth were made of ivory (not wood) and he died of pneumonia? The biographies make these men's lives come alive.

Grace's Favorites
American Girl Dolls
rollerblading (bought with her birthday money)
dancing like a rockstar
talking on the phone

Lee's Favorites
chipmunk trapping
dirt bike riding
baked chicken
wrestling with dad
playing in the woods

Lou's Favorites
playing with horses
Dora the Explorer
listening to Little Critter books
chips 'n dip after church

Ray's Favorites
pulling and chewing my hair
mandarin oranges
driving toy 4-wheelers across the floor
standing on top of the dining room table
taking baths (not the hair washing part)