Monday, October 31, 2005

Go Back to Bed

Saturday night we fell back in time. We put the kids down at 7:00 because they were so tired from their Halloween party sleepover. So actually they went to bed at 6:00 because they got an extra hour of sleep. Well, so much for the extra hour of sleep. Ray was up at 4:00 am and the rest of the gang followed by 5:00am. We ended up going to 7:30 mass on Sunday morning and arrived in plenty of time, which is unusual for us, even at the 9:00am mass. By 7:00 pm on Sunday night everyone was so tired that they almost fell asleep watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They fell into bed and were asleep before they said their prayers. Monday morning rolled around way to fast. The gang was up by 5:09am. It's only 7:52am and I am ready for a nap! Do we have to be productive every day? My mind says yes, but my drooping eyelids say no way.

We've been reading Pippi Longstocking. I believe it's a series; it seems we are reading the first because they are introducing Pippi and giving background about why she lives alone. The kids love this book. It's definitely an easy read aloud and even little Lou sits and listens once and a while.

Grace and Lee are already outside checking their traps. It's a drizzly morning, dreary and cold. I can't wait for the hot tub when we go to Eau Claire, one week from today.