Thursday, October 6, 2005

We Are On A Roll!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've posted. In that time our church women's group hosted the fall deanery meeting. Since I'm the president I spent many minutes (which added up to hours) on the phone, checking on all the details. Basically, we hosted a board meeting, social, raffle, dinner and evening program for 110 women and priests. It was a terrific evening, however, I'm glad it's over for another 6 years. We also celebrated Grace's 8th birthday, with a trip to a riding stable, where DH, myself, Lee and Grace all went on a trail ride. It rained for the last 15 minutes of the ride, but was still fun. We got to trot, which we all loved, except Lee. He doesn't have enough weight to keep him on the horse. When his horse trotted he just bounced all over the saddle. Grace loved the ride, but I think she loved the fact that we went to Subway before the ride, even better. Lou and Ray stayed home with grandma.

We own and operate a cranberry marsh. It's family owned and has been in business growing cranberries for about 55 years. With that said, harvest season is upon us. The preparation of harvesting equipment takes about 1 month and the actual harvest takes about 2 weeks. DH has been dilegently working to be as prepared as possible. I am preparing for the harvest season by baking lots of quick breads and muffiins so that DH has something to snack on during his long hours beating the beds (knocking the cranberries off the vines) and frost watch (running irrigation sprinklers to wet the cranberries during the night when it freezes). I am happy, but the kids are not, that we do not have any tours scheduled for this season. The last 5 years we've either had our homeschool group or MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) out for a tour. I think just about everyone I know has been here for a tour at one time or another. I guess I shouldn't meet anyone new if I don't want any more tours.

The title of this entry was chosen with the anticipation of actually writing about homeschooling. We've developed a great schedule this year. My plan was to share that schedule along with the details of what materials we are using. I guess that will have to be next time.