Monday, September 19, 2005

Wishes Come True

This morning Lee said to me that wishes really do come true. He said that all his birthday wishes and dandelion puff wishes were for a new dirt bike. And now he has one. He has been one happy boy, which does not mean that without it he was unhappy, but he really feels like a big boy now that he has a dirt bike. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with the dirt bike. Both Grace and Lee are doing great with riding. Dad talked to them this morning, reminding them that if they can't concentrate on getting school work done, they won't be able to ride. They were terrific "students". Our morning was successful; Grace and Lee read to me, from Robinson Crusoe Reader and Bob Books, respectively. They both wrote in their journal, practiced saying and spelling our address, worked in their phonics workbook (Grace has a giant SchoolZone workbook that she does 2 pages a day and Lee has a rhyme workbook that he does 1 page a day), we read The Crayon Counting Book (counting by 2's) and they watched Reading Rainbow: How Much is a Million?. Lou and I made peanut butter swirl bars and then it was time for lunch. Next we need to take in about 35 lbs. of venison to have processed into summer sausage, hot sticks and brat patties. Dad and Lee got a doe the opening morning of archery season.

We're planning on homemade pizza for supper. Grace is frying the sausage right now and Lee is waiting for me to help him fill the bread machine pan. Time to go.