Thursday, September 15, 2005

September.......the Month of Birthdays

Today is Grandpa's birthday. He turned 75. I am so fortunate to have a somewhat young grandpa. He was on child #2 (my mom) at age 20. My mom gave birth to me at age 21, so I come from a young family. I increased the average age for baby making all the way to 25 when I had our first child, Grace. She will be 8 in just ten days. Did I mention that Lou just turned 4 on September 4? She had a 3-D ducky cake, which I have to say turned out great. Monday was my husband's brother's 21st birthday. I think I better stay off the scale this month; I've eaten more than my share of cake.

We do something called "Subject of the Day". This is where I get to add my two cents into my children's education. I plan out 2 or 3 weeks at a time what we will do each day. General topics include, but are not limited to, History, Geography, Science, PhyEd/Games, Art, etc. Following is a list of the "Subject of the Day" topics for Monday-Thursday of this week.

Monday - We did a science experiment called Rock and Dissolve. For instructions see September 12 posting.

Tuesday - Read about opposites.
Exactly the Opposite
A High, Low, Near, Far, Loud Quiet Story

Wednesday - Watched the movie Ben and Me and account of Benjamin Franklin's life through the eyes of his pet mouse, Amos. I watched it once, the kids watched it 3 times all on Wednesday.

Thursday - Talked about adjectives and verbs, then read a couple of books which highlight each of these parts of speech.
A is for Angry (adjectives)
I Think I Thought and Other Tricky Verbs
We also spent a couple of hours cooking today to take food to grandpa's birthday party. Grace chopped onions, measured most of the ingredients for the broccoli salad and prepared the salad dressing. Lee washed and chopped 5 cups of broccoli. Lou and I made frosting. She counted out 12 potatoes and helped me add milk and butter to the mashed potatoes. Ray just followed us around begging for any tidbits of food that we would give him. We managed to get all the food prepared and packed in the van in just under 2 hours. Kids love to help when they know they are offering real help and not just given made up jobs to keep their hands busy. They always rise to the occasion.

Friday - Since it's only Thursday night anything can happen, but the plan for Friday is to make mosaic crosses out of the scraps of photos I crop away when putting together my Creative Memories albums. This is just an idea I had late one night when I was delerious from cropping way too many photos. I decided to save the scraps and make mosaics. We'll see how this goes.