Friday, September 16, 2005

Dirt Bikes and Hillbilly Talk

First on dirt bikes: We have been storing a Yamaha 90 dirt bike in our garage for a year. It belongs to some friends who live in the city and don't have a spot to run the machine. They store it here in trade for riding privileges on our trails. Well, with that said, our oldest being 10 days shy of 8 and then the next younger at 6 1/2 have been wanting to ride the dirt bike - or even better they would love to have one of their own. We decided to size them to the 90 and found out that we would need something smaller for the younger, Lee. They don't know it yet, but we will be buying a Honda 50cc dirt bike tomorrow morning before going on to violin. Dear husband and I have been talking about making this purchase, for a long time now. The day has finally (well in about 12 hours) come. I'm not sure if I'm prepared for the meticulous scheduling that will need to be arranged to avoid arguments or the possibility of an accident, but daddy Lee says they have to grow up some day. Even though these are my oldest I'm talking about, it's still hard for this mother to loosen up the reins. They seem so young, fragile and soooooo able to make silly mistakes. It's one thing when they make a quick turn on their bicycle and wipe out in the gravel; there's no motor between their legs. Yet, we have worked very hard at raising responsible children and from what other people tell us we've done a good job at that. Let's hope they are right.

Hillbilly Talk - Lou, who is now 4, has developed quite a pattern of speech. We have come to call it hillbilly talk; here are a few examples. I don't mean to offend anyone by this term.
"Who dem name?" she says when meeting my cousin.
"I haf to tell you sumpa." she says when she has something to tell us.
"Daddy will you please wipe me, cuz I go poop." she yells after she, well you know.
That's just a few I can think of now. If I think of more I'll update this list.

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  1. Jen,
    That's so exciting you got them a 50 - My son Matthew wants one for his 5th b'day coming in March - you'll have to let me know how they are doing riding one ~ I too am afraid to "loosen the reigns", but my husband said that he would do fine on one - Keep me posted! :)


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