Monday, September 12, 2005

Try Some Science

Experiment #1 - The Bouncin' Egg

Label two glasses. One for water, the other for vinegar. Place a raw egg in each. Wait a few days to see what happens. Touch the egg shells each day. After about 5 days, drop each egg into a pail (just a couple of inches above the bottome). What happens? Why?

Discuss the effect of an acid on calcium carbonate (shell). The acid dissolves the calcium carbonate. The shell becomes rubbery. Our egg didn't actually bounce, but it was fun all the same. Smell the vinegar. Touch the broken egg shells. How are they different? the same?

Try this with a chicken bone. How long does it take before you can tie the bone in a knot?

Experiment #2 - Rock and Dissolve

Label 3 glasses with water, vinegar (acetic acid), lemon juice (citric acid). Fill each about 1/2 full. Place a piece of chalk (calcium carbonate) in each. Watch for a few minutes. What happens in each glass? Do you see bubbles (gas from the chemical reaction)? What is happening to each piece of chalk? Which one is getting smaller faster? Which of the 3 liquids is an acid? Which is the strongest acid? This is a very quick version of how acid rain works. Acid rains' effect is much slower. How long does it take for all the chalk to dissolve?

Enjoy these experiments. Even the youngest of kids will enjoy these even if they don't understand what is happening.