Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's Apple Season

We have six apple trees; one produced an abundance of apples this year. I believe they are cortlands. Last night daddy Lee and I canned 14 quarts of applesauce and then froze another 5 or 6 quarts. We still have apples left to work up. I can feel the ambition building in me to make all my favorite apple recipes. The list includes: apple pie, cranberry apple nut pie, grandma's apple crisp, apple slices, cran-apple oat muffins. I'm having a sugar high just thinking of all the goodies. The kids and I were also hoping to make homemade pizza for supper. I should be in the kitchen and not at the computer.

The kids have been into this video, Kids Can Dance! It's basically oldies, but goodies, sung by 8-12 year olds. They wear appropriate costumes and dance like mad. I find myself stopping by and joining in on The Twist. Who can resist? And it's a good workout, too. Happily, we have settled into a "school" routine. Grace and Lee have been eager to get their work done so they can play. Today we were done by 10:45 am. Compared to last week when Lee was still doing work at 4:00 pm, today was a blessing (for all of us). They are outside playing in the island, which is just a tree filled area along our driveway in between the reservoir and marsh. They have been building deer blinds down there. Hunting season is all year round at our home.