Friday, September 2, 2005

Getting into the Groove

The groove I'm referring to is the fall/school schedule. Grace is officially in 2nd grade. She started off by making an entry in her journal, then on to counting money. I added the half dollar to her repertoire. She's catching on quickly. She read to me from Robinson Crusoe Reader while I made lunch. Lee, who is officially in 1st grade, also started the day by making an entry into his journal. He dictates to me what he wants to write; I write it in light yellow marker leaving out short words that he can sound out and spell himself. He copies over my writing with pencil adding in the easier words himself. Lou will not be left out of the loop. She has a workbook with shapes and letters to trace. She did a few pages and then we played Muffin Match (Lee, Lou and me). Muffin Match is a game from the Happy Phonics program. The game was too simple for Lee, however, he had fun showing Lou how to play and helped her spell her name using the muffin tops. Lee read two Bob Books to me and then we called it a day. All of this took place in about 1 hour 15 minutes. After lunch we played games. I played CountDown with Grace and then with Lee. Grace and Lee played HiHo CherryO with Lou. Lou napped, Grace and Lee watched a couple of cartoon DVD's (grandma saved them from cereal boxes, which made it a special treat). Later Lou helped me make Peanut Butter Fluff, a favorite dessert that turned out to be peanut butter flat because being in a hurry I mixed in the whipped topping before it had thawed. I guess that just doesn't work. Anyways, it still tasted great.

Now that it's fall again, the content of my blog is going to detail our homeschooling days. I will be posting books that we read, science experiments tried and notes on the Happy Phonics games.

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  1. Okay, you guys are in the thick of things now! We are easing our way back to the indoors. Mostly the bees are scaring us back in. Haven't been here in awhile and just wanted to pop by and visit ya!


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