Friday, March 10, 2006

Schizophrenic Homeschooler

Recently, I read an article in Home Education Magazine about a homeschooling mom who wrote that she cringed at the question, "What curriculum do you use?" I cringe at that question, as well as: Where do you get your curriculum? Does your school district provide the curriculum for you to use? How do you know what to teach your kids? Who helped you choose your curriculum? All these questions imply that I use one set curriculum and that I'm not smart enough to choose one on my own. In the past I've somewhat stumbled over these questions, not because I second guess my choices, but because it's hard to explain that my ecclectic set of ideas come from traditional elementary unit lesson books, library books, current interests, on-line educational sites, my own agenda for my kids, homeschool group offerings, etc. Well, after reading this article I learned a great response to the question, "What curriculum do you use?".


How simple and why didn't I think of that. After all the stammering, stuttering answers I've given people I finally have one excellent answer. Thank you HEM.