Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trapping, Running and Inventions

Now that Lee is seven, I can't hold him back. So many new things are happening for him. He learned to tie his shoes, which saved us $6.00. Tie running shoes are less expensive than slip-on Nikes. He runs his trap line alone or with Grace. Every morning at 5:30am they are up and dressed warm enough to ride the dirt bikes around the marsh checking traps. Lee then puts on his running shoes and runs to the mailbox and back. He's training for a Fourth of July funrun. He practices his guitar without any reminders, gets his seat work done in a reasonable amount of time and even says please and thank you most every time. What a great kid.

Grace has been on the social path this week. Since it's spring break for the school kids this week, she's been invited to 2 sleepovers and it's only Thursday. There'll be one more this weekend. Today we'll be visiting the horse ranch where Grace will be taking horseriding lessons this summer. Family friends are coming by for a visit as well. If we're not too tired out by this evening, I would like to attend a "Frog Talk" class at a local library.

Lou has been training Sara, the black lab. Although when I look out the window it looks more like Sara's training Lou.

Jack-Jack continues to increase his repertoire of ways of saying and screaming NO.

I'm running again; what a great way to start the morning, especially in spring with all the wildlife about. DH is cutting wood; three more days of that before next years wood is done.

We've still been reading about inventions and watched the Charlie Brown movie Vol. 1 about inventors. Next is vol. 2 about the Wright Brothers.