Monday, October 9, 2006


The pasties turned out great and the house still smells delicious. They were extremly filling and went over pretty good with the kids. However, they did have more fun making them than eating them. We went easy on the rutabaga and good thing because they do have a strong flavor when cooked. The italian pork sausage worked well and then I heavily peppered the filling. We talked about miners during lunch and DH answered lots of questions like: How did they blow holes in the earth with dynamite? Did miners die if holes collapsed on them?

We took in two deer to be processed. We'll be getting back italian sausage links, hot italian sausage links, bratwurst patties, garlic summer sausage and breakfast links. What a blessing it was for DH to get two deer in one night. The meat is always welcome when the freezer gets low. We'll cut the gun deer into steaks, stew meat, roasts and hamburger, that's assuming we get deer during the gun deer hunt.