Friday, September 14, 2007

Good Questions

We are finishing up an Astronomy unit - we started it last May with hopes of endless summer stargazing, well it gets dark just too darn late for me to want to stargaze with my kids in the summer. I'm tired, they're tired and too many tired people in the dark just isn't any fun. We did start off this school year with a great campfire and nighttime walk, a couple of weeks ago. We located a few constellations and Polaris. The darkness was extreme so we had a perfect view of the Milky Way. And now every Thursday and Friday when we do science, talk of that night sneak into our lessons. Today was such a good conversation day and so many fun questions came up, I have to get them down on paper.

1. How big is the Arizona Crater?
2. Where would you end up if you just kept going into outerspace?
3. Why are shooting stars called shooting stars if they're really meteors?
4. Why are meteors called meteors if they're really rock and metal chunks?
5. With Legos I can build a Mars Rover. Do you think NASA copied Legos when they designed the real Mars Rover robot?