Friday, September 21, 2007

Poem for a Windy Day

Next week we'll be starting a new science unit on animal classification. As I pulled animal related books from our bookshelves tonight I ran across one of my favorite poetry books for kids, You Be Good & I'll Be Night by Eve Merriam (looks like it's out of print, so check the library). The kids were already in bed and asleep, but I couldn't resist reading through all the sweet and often times silly poems. This poem fit perfectly for today; we had wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour all day. Tomorrow is expected to be around 12-15 mph and a high of 72; it'll be a perfect almost autumn day. Sunday morning will officially start off the autumn season.

Wind takes the world
and gives it a whoop,
wind gathers leaves
like a giant scoop.

Wind whips sails
and makes them clap,
wind knocks my head
clear out of my cap.

Wind rattles floorboards
and makes them sigh,
but kites take the wind
and fly fly fly.

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