Friday, November 7, 2008


Just this week I started a "Letter of the Week" theme with Sam. I've noticed his letter recognition is a little, shall I say, lacking. With the other kids it seems we just lived life and they eventually picked up on the letters. I can't say I did anything in particular to actually teach the ABC's. We read alphabet board books and wrote family members' names. Of course we sang the alphabet song and watched enough toddler videos that the letters just became a part of their life. Now, maybe Sam just isn't ready to commit all the ABC's to memory yet. He does sing the alphabet song with only a few mix-ups, but letter recognition isn't his forte. So Monday, I dedicated some time to making a plan of attack. First, I pulled a book from my shelf titled: Learning Through All Five Senses: A Language Development Activity Book by Lois McCue. Twenty five years old and it's still relevant today, unlike my wardrobe from 1983. This book takes each letter in its turn and has activities to go along with it. For the letter A: apple, alligator, animal, action, America.

Apple - he cut an apple with a corer/wedger himself and dipped the slices in peanut butter, mystery smell (sliced apples under a paper towel), I cut an apple in half to reveal the star and he made painted apple prints

Animal - I had animals in a paper bag for him to feel and identify

Action - we made up as many actions as we could (raising our hands, jumping jacks, smiling, clapping, etc.)

America - we looked at the US wall map, found Wisconsin, and listened to and sang "America"

I really like this book, especially the skills that go with each letter. Next week we'll be focusing on the Letter B; he'll butter bread for a snack. For the Letter D I will set up a small dishwashing station for him. Maybe we'll start off with a tea party and then he'll wash and dry the dishes.

To go along with this book I use No Time For Flashcards blog. She has a post for each letter of the alphabet with a couple of cute projects to go with. Today Sam practiced dot painting, cutting, and gluing by making an Alien A.