Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deer Hunting

Around here deer hunting is just as much a holiday as say Thanksgiving or Christmas. Yesterday was the opener for gun season; the day starts very early, around 4:30 am or so. DH requested I make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so by 5 am I was saying, "Time to make the donuts". I think that qualifies as my good deed for the week. And for all those who think men and women are equal in all ways, I disagree. Here's why:

See these men, it's 5:30 am and they seem happy to have their picture taken. We all know if I was taking pictures of women at this early time they would be hiding their faces, holding their jacket in front of them or turning away, anything to stay anonymous.

We spent our day at music lessons, Christmas shopping (looking) and ice skating.

Getting in on the hunting fun, too.

Here's to a safe deer season. Have a great weekend.