Saturday, September 5, 2009

And Yet Another Birthday

With a household of 7, it seems someone is always having a birthday. Lou celebrated 8 years yesterday. We had a little campfire cookout, which was a lot of fun. It's fair week so we even had a few extra champion chickens at the party along with the regular people type party goers.

She started the day opening presents.
Shoes are always a winner for 8 year old girls.

We had a cookout at the campout spot by the water.

And then for the cake. She saw this cake recipe in a Quick Cooking (old issue) earlier this summer and immediately knew she wanted it for her birthday cake. Angel food, Cool Whip, fudge, Butterfinger pieces. Yum!!
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl, who's 8!
You light up our life.
**The day before her birthday she was so excited and smiling so hard that I caught her squeezing her cheeks together to stop all the smiling. We all laughed over that one.


  1. Good morning everybody. (8:30 a.m.) Beauiful girl and looks like you had a great birthday party sweet Lou. Keep smiling!!Love: G-me!!

  2. Thanks for the refreshing reminder of how exciting birthdays are to children! As an adult it's easy to fall into the "oh no, not another birthday" rut- having your own disposable income to spend throughout the year and society's expectation that aging is but a loss of youth (or worse) mean that the day can lose its special meaning. After all, what better way than a birthday to celebrate a person?
    And congratulations! :-)

  3. Happy Bday! looks like a great camp fire!

  4. You have an awesome setup there for your campfires......love the grill contraption to roast hot dogs with! Just came accross your blog, and thought I'd say hi! It's great to find other homeschool blogs!


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