Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Time Again

Grace turned 12 last Friday. We enjoyed a weekend full of celebrations. And a picture says a thousand words, so here goes - a few pics to highlight the weekend.

Trying on her new barn boots, which I absolutely love. I might accidentally wear them now and then.Getting her ears pierced. Did you know that Walmart offers ear piercing as a service. It's about 1/3 of the cost compared to Claire's. It hurt more than she thought it would.

Her first real deer hunt. She's carrying her bow and arrows. Until now she's always sat with Dad carefully observing, but now that she's 12 she can actively hunt. They didn't see anything that night, but earlier in the week Dh shot 2 does. We were getting very low on meat so it was a blessing for him to bring home a couple of deer.

Then Sunday she had over a group of friends. They played with the horses, painted their nails, played a card game and ate a lot of snacks.
And now we get a birthday break until January.


  1. Birthday break sounds good :)

    Looks like she had a fun time and I love those boots!!

  2. The important question is, did she get camo ear rings? You can't clash with the camo, ya' know!

  3. looks like she had a great bday! Love those boots!

  4. I'm kinda envious of those boots myself!

    It sounds like she's an all-around girl--from hunting to nail polish! Terrific!


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