Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Shoes

I used this tutorial for making baby shoes. The directions were perfectly clear and so easy to follow. I would call them slippers, especially if made for an older child. I enlarged the pattern to 112% of the original so they would fit Little J who wears a size 4 infant shoe. He has plenty of room in them and for future shoes I plan to make them a tad bit narrower.

They are similar to Robeez shoes. I used regular felt for the sole which is pilling quickly.

Next time I will use something different for the sole or maybe just cover the felt as they suggest in the directions.


  1. Hey Little J

    I love your new shoes Mommy made for you. You are one lucky little boy to have a wonderful mother like you have and daddy.

    Love: G

  2. those are way too cute. great job!

  3. Very, very cute...
    I am the Kristyn who wondered how Kimberlee at "Pondered in my Heart" has time to sew. Thank you for responding to my question. It is a good point that the sewing takes place at home (no drive time), and I end up with what I wanted rather than running from store to store. I do hate shopping because of the time wasted, not to mention we are in the country and anywhere we go takes at least 20 minutes one way.
    Thanks again for the perspective.
    God bless.


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