Saturday, January 30, 2010

From Sun Up Till Sundown

We started the morning at -2 F and a pickup ride to Jim's farm for 50 bales of hay. We're horse people and found ourselves without hay yesterday. So all 7 of us hopped in the F250. It was cold so packing in felt good. We loaded 50 bales on the trailer, gravity in our favor. Once home we hoisted 50 bales of hay into the loft of the tack room/horse shelter, gravity working against us. We got it done; Amber collected piles of loose hay from the trailer and fed it to the horses. I took a few flakes to the chickens to pad their nesting boxes. Emily and Sam had to leave for violin at 10am, but the rest of us stayed home cleaning up to go to a birthday party. We all headed over there at noon and stayed until 3pm when we had to boogie home so I could make my way to church for the annual BBQ Supper and Pie Sale. I was in charge of pricing the pies. Price them low and risk offending the baker; price them high and risk being deemed greedy. It's a delicate balance. Next up is to prepare for Children's Church and then fall into bed exhausted but content. Tomorrow it's off to visit cousins with babies.

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