Monday, January 24, 2011

Homeschool Happenings

As the title Camp Homeschool implies this space is supposed to highlight our day to day life of homeschooling.  As of late it's been nothing more than another neglected blog.  I'm ready to change that and have decided to commit to regular blogging again.

We started up in January with a renewed interest in science.  I thought it would be fun to take a look at cells so we used a Scholastic Human Body reproducible book and made cell mobiles.  Amber and Sam enjoyed the coloring, cutting, yarn and stapling.  For Emily and Nick I pulled out my college Biology text and we looked at drawings and microscopic photos of human body cells:  epithelial, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, etc.

I thought this would be a good time to introduce the use of a microscope.  Our mini microscopes were both hand-me-downs.  They certainly aren't top quality, but they magnify and focus.  I introduced the use of a microscope to Emily and Nick using a few free printable worksheets.  You can see them filling in the parts of a microscope below.  I explained the focusing process and they both immediately realized that using my method actually worked.  They began using prepared slides to practice their new skill.
I ordered a few supplies from The Science Company for growing bacteria, testing pH and staining cells. 
Nick and I prepared the streak plates for growing bacteria.  I'll share more about this another time.
And Joseph, he doesn't have anything to do with our renewed interest in science, but he's cute so I'm including a couple of pics of him.  Here he's enjoying a Christmas gift from his Godparents - he loves pushing the buttons and listening to the music.
And cookies, he loves his cookies.
Amber built a barbie house out of the stroller box.  It's quite a mansion with a cardboard chandelier, carpeting and three levels.
It's been fun highlighting a bit of our homeschool and life.  Hope you enjoyed it.
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  1. Welcome back and happy new year! As a reader I'm happy to hear that we'll be hearing more from you; I always enjoy seeing your posts about homeschooling life! See you soon :)


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