Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boundary Waters Year 3 - Mission Accomplished

My family is officially back together for the remainder of the summer.  And while I don't exactly miss them while they are away at their camps, I look forward to sitting down to a meal with the table full again.  Each one brings their own silliness and seriousness to the table which always makes for lively conversations.  When someone is missing it's a bit quieter.  And as was the case this past week, when two are missing it's a lot quieter.

Emily and Nick arrived home sometime in the 10 o'clock hour last night.  They brought that pile of gear with them, a couple of new hoodies, and enough stories to keep us laughing for many meals to come.  At 12:30am Warren and I finally said the stories will have to wait until tomorrow, WE ARE TIRED!  So far I've heard about waterfalls and fishing, border patrol helicopters and park rangers, teenagers who don't sleep and the river they slept in one night when it stormed fiercely, spoons played with tampons, sorting and NOT sorting trail mix, jerky flavors and banana chips.  I'm sure I'm missing something, but can you blame me?  I was in the middle of an allergy coma when all this talking was going on. 

Tune in next time for more pics and maybe a few stories.
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