Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Tables Have Turned

Remember their pure cuteness in April?  After 9 weeks of feeding and watering and watering and watering those cute little fluff balls turned into this.....DINNER!

She's definitely gonna be a tender one.

Here's when the fun started.  Warren lifted the chicken tractor and out they came running nilly willy everywhere.  We do what we can to catch them.  Chase, net, coax, it's all fair game.  Sam was put on watch duty.  His job was to hold the tail gate up (it's heavy, he's 6) so the caught chickens didn't get out of the bed of the truck.

So much is happening in this picture.  Sam is trying to keep that rooster in.  See it trying to escape over his left shoulder.  Dad is trying to put another in and Nick is trying to free one from the net.  I didn't get many pictures because Warren gave me the look.  The one that said stop taking pictures for you blog and earn your keep little lady.
We grew the best chickens ever this year.  Once home from the chicken processor we weighed a few before bagging and the roosters were a bit over 7 lbs.  Perfect for our family of 7.
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  1. In sympathy with your pregnancy nausea i'm glad to know you don't do the "processing" on site! I was scrolling through the photos with some trepidation!! :) Enjoy the outcome!

  2. We've butchered many a chicken over the years and most of the time I've been pregnant. However, this is our third year taking them in and I think it's safe to say that we'll keep that place in business.


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