Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Birthday ~ Maria Turns 2

We are blessed to have back-to-back birthdays in August.  Today we celebrated for the 2nd time.

Joseph had cupcakes.  My family is split on their love of cake with frosting so I have to be a little creative for Maria's cake.  I had a little leftover cocoa frosting from Joseph's birthday so I made chocolate chip blondies, cut out 2 giant hearts and piped frosting stars around the edge.

 We got take and bake pizza for supper.  What a treat.  I added cran-apple sauce and fresh garden cucumbers and supper was done.  Looking at her face, she seemed to like the pizza.

All our kids have loved having their own lantern.  They take them outside in the dark.  They like to use them as a reading light at bedtime and in blanket forts.  We got Maria a Hello Kitty lantern.

Nick being her Godfather, he got her a babydoll with changes of clothes.

This neon playground ball was quite a hit.  See Joseph's face?  He's a little surprised because he got the same ball from his Godparents.  He immediately went running to find his just to make sure no regifting was going on.

Of course I picked out a pile of new dresses/leggings sets.  This beautiful blue dress is from Carters with white leggings. 

Her older siblings went chose this cute baby doll diapering set.  She already has the tabs on the diapers wore out.

And then I also put together an unused nightstand and play dishes for her to use as a little stove/kitchen.  I added an apron and the darling blue enamelware teapot I got at a local antique shop.

And there you have it our 2nd birthday in 2 days.

Happy Birthday Maria!

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