Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joseph's 7th Birthday Celebration

It seems almost impossible that our tiny baby in this post has turned 7 (sebbin, as he says).

He asked for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  Done!

Nothing too fancy for birthdays.  We put up streamers after he went to bed the night before.  He tore them down in the morning.  I dressed him in a nice outfit for the day.  He promptly took it off and ran around in his underwear.  I marked his height on the wall and he asked me:  What for?

We had baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed garden beans.  And then came the cupcakes and candle and singing and wishing.

He wished really hard.

And showed us how many he is.

I'm pretty sure he wished for a Zebco rod and reel combo.

And I'm sure he wished for a Wigglin' Waterpillar. (from his siblings)

And a pile of clothes.

And a lantern.

It's a good thing we picked out all the right stuff.
Happy Birthday Joseph!

*In case you're in the market for a kid's fishing pole the Zebco 33 is a great choice.  The cork handle is a must for Joseph because he has a really good/bad throwing arm.  If it ends up overboard, it'll float.  The closed face reel with large spinning handle is easy for kids to manage and this all metal version is high quality.  I used the pole last night and liked it better than mine.

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