Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Commemorating the 7 Sorrows of Mary

Like I said before, I like to keep it simple when it comes to living the liturgical year.  Yesterday, September 15, was the day the Church remembers the 7 sorrows of Mary.  These are sorrowful events in Mary's life, each one involving her son, Jesus.  Any mother of boys knows they can cause much sorrow.  Things haven't changed much in the last 2000 years, have they?  Anyway, I grabbed whatever kids were close by and we talked about the sorrowful events and then I made cards with pictures depicting the events for them to put in chronological order.  They nailed it!  Then we prayed a Hail Mary for each event and a Glory Be and I reminded them to think of others' sorrows before dwelling on their own.  That was it and they were off and runnin' again.

Sam hung around for a bit longer so I had him order the cards again just to be sure he wasn't relying on his older siblings' knowledge.  I copied the page of pictures from  A Year With God:  Celebrating the Liturgical Year (page 200).

Over the years I've stopped over thinking our liturgical year activities and stopped trying to make them perfect, beautiful moments.  I think it's more important to just grab the kids and go for it.  I'm not trying to make them into theologians, but introduce them to the beauty of faith, saints, scripture, and religious art.